Kind Words

I have to start out with saying that Meagan is an amazing photographer and friend. She gave me something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I had always wanted a birth photographer after the birth of my older son. With all the busyness of the day/night no one took but 1 picture of me with my son after he was born. I wanted that to be different with the birth of my second child, especially since I was having a home birth this time around and we didn’t know the gender of our baby. Meagan reached out to me when I had mentioned on social media that it was something I was wanting. It took a little convincing my husband on my (and her) part that the extra person in the house wouldn’t be a problem.  After he was fine with it we both gave Meagan complete freedom to move about and photograph anything she deemed fit for the sake of art. And we were not disappointed! As my due date came, and went, I kept in constant contact with Meagan to give her updates about any progress (or lack thereof). The night I went into labor my husband called her and she came right over. I never even knew she was there! I had asked my birth team for a calm, quiet, and peaceful birth space and she was so amazing at helping to accommodate that with everyone else. A fast few hours later and our newest little one arrived! I love that I now have pictures of the reaction on my and my husband’s face to find out we had added another little boy to our family, when everyone was convinced it was going to be a girl lol. She also got a bit of video just after our son was born. That was such an amazing surprise!
I can never thank her enough, and if you choose her to be a part of your birth experience you will not be disappointed.
One grateful mama, Nicole


The day my daughter was born I’ll never forget. I will always remember the intimate moment my husband and I were just talking to one another in between contractions while laboring in the tub. I will always remember seeing my precious baby for the first time, how cute and chubby her little cheeks were. These are always the moments you remember but the moments that were captured from the lense of the camera gave me a whole other view of this special day. Seeing the process of labor, delivery and after brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to re live this day through another prospective. If it wasn’t for Meagan, I wouldn’t have these to look back on and I couldn’t be more happier with my decision to have her photograph my delivery. Meagan was totally awesome! At first the initial idea of even having someone other then my husband or dr/nurses in the delivery room seemed rather weird and uncomfortable but Meagan, to me, felt like family. Someone I felt so comfortable around because I knew she knew what I was comfortable with. I would highly recommend Meagan to anyone who is thinking about photos during their delivery because I promise you, you’ll be so happy you did. Moments like these can only be captured once and I know from experience Meagan is the one who can do that.  -Valarie